Web Development

Web Development


Yes, we use Joomla along with many other professional tools!

There's a good reason for that. Joomla is one of the best CMS (Content Management System) website development tools available. It's highly refined, secure and user friendly. It's also had thousands of hours put into it's main core system which is something that no single developer could possibly do on their own. It's a huge time and money saver for not only us but our clients.

Can we create websites using traditional HTML? Absolutely! There's no reason why not, although it's a bit more time consuming than using a pre-packaged CMS system. We have all the tools to create awsome looking sites like Fireworks, Flash, Dreamwever and any of the tools we use for creating graphic content. If you'd prefer to have use make something from scratch, we'd be happy to do it for you.

There is another huge advantage to Joomla CMS websites though. They are extremely search engine friendly. I've designed websites in HTML using all the various tools available and done my own coding from scratch but I've never been able to get the website ranking that I've been able to achieve with the Joomla CMS code. A good example is the most recent website I've completed for Niecie, a blues artist. Her website went from around 200 hits a day in HTML to well over 2000 hits a day in CMS within a few weeks of making it public.

There is still time involved in setting up a Joomla website. Although the core and templates make installing and setting up the initial website, there are still plenty of hours needed to configure the graphics and content. I specialize in the overall installation and configuration of the CMS package as well as the graphics and content management. The good news is that it takes a lot less time and money now to deploy a very well developed and highly search-able website!

And yes, our own site is Joomla!