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     "I have been working with Scott for over a decade. In 2001, he did a wide variety of jobs for me for my first CD release, “Peace Of My Mind”. He did the graphics for the CD artwork which is phenomenal.  Scott did other graphics work for the project including show posters, retail posters, and postcards for CD release mailing.  Also, he did some studio work on the CD in the master phase of the project.  Recently, his multi-talent proved to be a factor in the success of my recent release, “Beyond The Surface”.  Once, again Scott did the CD graphics, posters, postcards and also buffing up my photos and graphics for my EPK and Radio release materials.  Scott’s work that I am most proud of is my website   It is kicking!

The cool thing about the work on my new CD release “Beyond The Surface” was all it was all done remote.  After being thrilled with the work Scott did on my first release, many years passing, I hunted him down and found him in Santa Fe, NM.  It was so beneficial to a road warrior like myself to be able to accomplish the work without having to lay eyes on someone.

Scott is multi-talented and offers a wide range of products and services.  I highly recommend him for job you’ll be happy about!!!  You can check out his great work by exploring my website"

- Niecie

     "Summit Multi-Media recently designed a website for Coca’s T.V. Service.  Scott was prompt and quick to respond to all my web design needs. I am getting great results from his work.   I highly recommend Scott for all your web design and multi-media requests".

 Thanks again, for such a great job!

- Emilio (Coca's TV)

Please call 505-428-0120505-428-0120 if you have questions!


Scott H. (owner)


In order to provide you with the best service possible, we spend a lot of time researching the best possible means to do so. In an effort to help guide our customer, and us, we will post some of the most important links and articles with information on the latest software and reviews.

Click on "Blog" to get all of the posted reviews available. Click on the links to see some of the important resources listed but not available on our site. Please feel free to use any resources we've posted here to aid in your decision making.

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     I've been involved in many different recording and editing projects over the years.  One of the most interesting projects was working with the US marketing group for IBM.  We produced about a dozen different demonstration videos for their CATIA DMU software that were sent out to their prospective clients.  We did all of the voice recording in our digital studio and then did all the final editing in house by taking their PowerPoint slides and rough AVI files into our video editing system.  They were excellent partners in the studio and a pleasure to work with.

The video quality has been reduced to minimum for low bandwidth streaming!

      One of my favorite projects was working with Jim Sayers on the Mojave Magic DVD project, a video about the flight of Spaceship One.  Jim was an excellent person to work with in the studio and very professional.  This highly underrated video was the product of many hours of work by people that have received very little recognition in my opinion.  It may be the only high quality documentary of this historic flight.  I wasn't involved in the final video editing but I was responsible for all of Jim's narration recording. You can find out more about it by visiting the Desert Turtle, Mojave Magic website.

The video quality has been reduced to minimum for low bandwidth streaming!


We use the best available software for digital sequencing & editing:

  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Steinberg Cubase VST
  • Steinberg Wavelab Studio Professional
  • Sony Vegas Professional
  • Adobe Encore
  • Adobe Premiere Professional
  • Many other plug-ins and editing tools

The level of sequencing and editing is on par with any major studio. We're able to take files in just about any amateur or professional format, convert them to a format we can edit and export to a finished professional file. All the audio sequencing can be edited to the final raw file and inserted into the video editing programs and then rendered to the finished product.

One of the other advantages that we have is very low overhead. We use pretty much off the shelf hardware that has been highly configured to our needs but doesn't cost a fortune. Unlike some high end media processing companies that have high cost and overhead, we can pass the savings that we achieve on to our customers.

Call and speak with us about how we can work within your budget to finish your project!


Although Blu Ray has been around for about 5 years now, it could still be considered a fairly new format and not everyone is doing the high definition authoring. It could almost be considered to be an art form because of the demands needed to produce a top quality product. There are many different products out there but we believe that Adobe Encore and Vegas Professional are the best ones for the money.

A lot of video artists would like to spend the bulk of their time being creative and getting the best video footage possible. When it comes to editing and mastering they don't have the time to learn the nuts and bolts of the editing world. We can solve that problem for you. Bring us your raw footage and let us render it into a top quality Blu Ray Disc!